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Rafael Cintron
57.8K subscribers
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Officer Baker (1.6M on Facebook)

One of our valued and recurring clients, Chad Baker, widely recognized as "Officer Baker" on Facebook with 1.6M followers and on Instagram with 199k followers, achieved remarkable success using our video advertisements to promote his products.

Our team expertly crafted the video ads by strategically addressing a problem and presenting a compelling solution to explode his brand's sales.

With Our Viral Video Ads, you can...

Rafael Cintron (57.8K Subscribers)

Discover why Rafael Cintron, an industry giant in the multi-million-dollar dropshipping realm with a massive Youtube audience exceeding 57.8K subscribers, raves about us. With us, his students are achieving unprecedented success!

Experience the game-changing impact of Ecom Clipz, where we empower you to...

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We Craft Visually Stunning and Engaging Viral Video Ads That Make Your Products Impossible to Ignore.

Imagine your products showcased in captivating, custom-made video ads, going viral and reaching millions. Our dedicated team of editors will bring this vision to life, promising high-quality videos delivered swiftly within 24-48 hours.

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Brands & Dropshippers have scaled their products globally with our video ads

Zack Dyer

Dropshipping : Moptastik Media

We crushed Zack’s detailed instructional video. Loot at his reaction.

Ireon Boble

Founder : Beauty Box Beauty Supply & Cosmetics, LLC

Ireon is STILL Running her Marketing campaign with us and is bringing in sales!

Bjorn Deryecke

Founder : Vimaux Media

Bjorn saw a 2.5% increase in CTR after using our Video Ad! Woohoo!

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We offer multiple package & depending on the one you choose the pricing varies. You can view our pricing once you login or create an account through our account portal.

Unfortunatly to maximize speed, cost, and efficiency we do not film custom content. We source all clips from the web for your product.

The Delivery time may vary depending on the package you select. We offer delivery speeds anywhere from a 2 days or up to 5 days. Bulk packages may vary.

Yes! We do everything for you from ideation, scripting, production & editing. We have extremely talented script writers who can generate awesome ideas for your products.

Yes! We offer video in any language you would like. After our copywriter create the script you will be sent the script for translation.

Yes absolutely! there is still a risk in the video clips original creator reaching out and making copyright claims, or asking you to take the video down. It is your responsibility to make sure that the clips in your videos are safe to use. We are simply editing videos for you. It is your decision of whether you think they are viable for your marketing platforms. If you don’t feel like the video is useable, we offer a free revision within 24 hours of receiving your video.

We accept revisions on your video up to 24 hours after you placed your initial order. Once 24 hours has passed from the day you submitted your questionnaire, no revisions will be accepted unless agreed upon by our team in special circumstances.Β 

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